Crypto Mining in the Cloud
Welcome! You have entered your page at your own risk. I am using a third-party site to mine cryptocurrency on this page called Coinhive. This should only consume 70% of your CPU and is disabled on mobile (the Coinhive default). Certain ad blockers and security software will disallow this, even if you accept the pop up.

This page was created for my presentation for BSides Vancouver on May 12-13. If you're getting to this page you've probably been directed here with a social media link explaining what I'm doing. I'm trying to see if I can make enough via this page to pay my way to Vancouver, BC, Canada. I don't live that far away so really don't need that much. :) It's also for a good cause - security awareness and helping people understand cryptojacking.

Your computer fan might start to make some noise while you are on this page and will continue until you navigate away. That means you're helping me mine some cryptocurrency!

Cryptojacking is a means of using other people's compute resources via a web browser or by installing software on their computer without their knowledge to help another person mine cryptocurrency. If the person mining the cryptocurrency tells you that you are doing this when you click on their web page, it could be possibly legitimate.

If, however, you are led to a page which you click on and without your knowledge you help them mine cryptocurrency is that OK? I'll let you decide. I will mention, however, that there is a lot of poorly written code in the universe wasting your CPU cycles. Although it may not be intentional in those cases, it's similar, at least.

What is definitely not legitimate is using other people's compute resources in the cloud without their knowledge. I'll provide an example of that as well at my presentation, using an AWS EC2 Instance and a different type of attack. I'll also provide information to help you defend your systems from these attacks.

Hope you can attend my talk at Vancouver BSides to learn more, hear the results of my crypto mining, and join the debate!

--Teri Radichel | @teriradichel

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