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After teaching, consulting, and assisting hundreds of organizations with their move to the cloud and researching cyber-security in general, certain themes keep reoccurring. These themes are the basis and reason for 2nd Sight Lab's cyber-security classes. We want to make a difference in cyber-security and these classes are designed to do just that. To request more information or schedule a class at your company contact Teri Radichel on via LinkedIn or DM @teriradichel on Twitter. You may also leave a message at 206.909.8374.

Cloud Security For Executives and Business Professionals

A recent proposed law includes a prison sentence of up to 20 years for executives who fail to secure customer data and privacy. Although this law is extreme, new laws are undoubtedly coming that will require organizations to better secure sensitive data. Executives and business professionals need to understand and be able to assess cyber-security risks at their organizations. Based on the number of breaches in the news it is clear we need a change. Learn a new approach to cyber-security, where to invest, and how to get security problems fixed before your company appears in the headlines. Business professionals and executives don't need to be extremely technical or hands-on, but they need to understand the risks that cyber-security poses to their organization and their jobs. Although focused on cloud security, the principles in this class apply to any environment. This one day class and has no hands-on labs.

Cloud Security Engineering

This hands-on class will teach developers and technical security professionals how to use cloud security services, products, and tools. This class can be multi-cloud or cloud-specific upon request. The goal of this class is not only to learn about cloud security but to help cloud developers and security teams work together more effectively. 2nd Sight Lab will come on-site and teach this class at your location, or your company can host a class at an alternate location. Some of the topics covered in this class include:
  • Top cloud threats and what to do about them
  • Infrastructure security and confirmation management
  • Application security - automation, scanning and architecture
  • Deployment pipeline security
  • Third-Party cloud service security
  • Network security
  • Authentication
  • API security
  • Container security
  • Encryption and data protection
  • Common architecture examples and security considerations
  • How team structure affects cloud security
  • Process vs. technical controls
  • Hands-on labs using security controls and 3rd party tools
  • How developers and security teams can work together to improve cloud security
  • Monitoring and applications and cloud environments
  • Red teaming and pen testing in the cloud
  • And more!
Students are not required to be a programmer to take this class, but we will be running pre-defined scripts and creating cloud resources programmatically. Familiarity with scripting and command line tools will help. This will be a 5 day class has hands-on labs and will be available later in 2019.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp For Software Developers and Engineers

In many organizations, the developers got to the cloud before the security team. The security team is coming in from behind, trying to catch up and secure the environment. In a lot of cases, the developers don't understand security team objectives, and the security team is new to the cloud. Developers who come to this class will learn security fundamentals needed to communicate with security teams more effectively and learn security basics required to architect secure cloud solutions. Learn how breaches and malware work and how that relates to top cloud threats. Learn about security controls, frameworks, and standards. This class has hands-on labs such as Wireshark, Netcat, using a disassembler, networking basics, and dissecting network packets.

Classes can be tailored to target audience. To request a class or get on the waitlist for upcoming classes, please reach out to Teri Radichel on LinkedIn.
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