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AWS re:Invent 2016: From One to Many: Evolving VPC Design (ARC302) | Rob Alexander
AWS re:Invent 2016: Another Day, Another Billion Packets (NET401) | Steve Mueller
AWS re:Invent 2017: A Deep Dive into AWS Encryption Services (SID329) | Ken Beer
The Nitro Project: Next-Generation EC2 Infrastructure - AWS Online Tech Talks

Sneak Peek: The Rise of Confidential Computing | Mark Russinovich | RSAC 2018
Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

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How We Built an Intrusion Detection System on AWS using Open Source Tools
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The Unfetter Project ~ Discover and analyze gaps in your security posture.

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Balancing Security and Innovation With Event Driven Automation (In the Cloud)
Packet Capture on AWS
Configuration Management to the Rescue: Patching and S3 Buckets
S3 Bucket Security: More Than ACLs and Policies
Automated Deployment of Security Appliance on AWS
Crypto Mining In The Cloud
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Cyber Security Articles by Teri Radichel
Why Patching Software Is Hard: Technical Challenges ~ Dark Reading
People Do What You Inspect, Not What You Expect ~ Info Security Magazine
Indicators of Compromise in DNS Logs ~ IT Briefcase
Critical Controls that Could Have Prevented the Target Breach

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