Cloud Security Training
Cloud Security Training This class incorporates the real world experiences of the author and others who have helped companies moved to the cloud and architected cloud security solutions. This class is for IT, DevOps, development, and security teams who need to work together to implement cloud security effectively. Real world architectures and code samples, custom labs, and red team - blue team activities.

Cloud Penetration Testing
Cloud Penetration Testing, vulnerability assessments, and bug bounties. Architectural reviews, code analysis, and remediation recommendations. A pen test or assessment can help pinpoint security weak points in your cloud implementaiton and certain types of compliance such as SOC 2 and PCI require them. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform pentesting and assessments. GPEN and GXPN certified.

Cloud Security Consulting
Teri Radichel is an IANS Faculty member and answers questions though the ASK an Expert service. Teri Radichel was on the initial team that moved production workloads into AWS at Capital One. At another company she led a team of 30 people as cloud architect and director to implement a security DevOps pipeline and SAAS IOT solution for firewalls connected to the cloud. Since then she has helped numerous companies with cloud security.

Security Writing and Research
Cloud Security Blog

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Cloud Security Presentations

Teri Radichel, CEO

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OWASP Seattle - Feb 4th
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